I really enjoy watching climbing videos, particularly ones that feature adventurous alpine endeavors. I've found that those sorts of videos are few and far between so I thought that I'd attempt to find them and put them all in one place. No, I did not create any of these videos. All of them are from web services that allow embedded sharing in their terms of service (youtube & vimeo).

The name of the blog come from a sign I saw when I did my first Ironman. It said "Either you've suffered the pain of discipline or you're suffering the pain of regret." I've suffered a lot more pain of regret than I'd like, particularly while climbing. Hopefully these videos will inspire more discipline amongst those of us watching them.

I'm an aspiring alpine climber; I've climbed in the High Sierra, Tetons, Alaska, Los Angeles area, Devil's Lake WI, Rainier, New Hampshire and currently, the Baltimore area.

Feel free to contact me at mypainofdiscipline (at) gmail (dot) com